Geographic Information Systems in Health (GIS-EPI)


The Health Analysis and Information Systems Area's (AIS) project on Geographic Information Systems in Health (GIS-EPI) was created with the objective to contribute to the strengthening of health workers' capacity for epidemiological analysis by providing efficient tools with GIS-Epi to facilitate such tasks. These computerized tools permit the health situation analysis, monitoring, and evaluation of an interventions effectiveness that are required for decision-making and planning in health.

In order to achieve the above objective, examples of GIS-Epi applications were developed in various areas of health, training materials were prepared, courses and workshops were offered, and the network of users was strengthened.

What is GIS-EPI?

This concept involves the design, development, and use of GIS tools and their application for the description of the health situation, epidemiological analysis, and public health management.

PAHO/AIS GIS-EPI for the Americas Project 

Basic purposes

- Strengthen the national epidemiological capacity including situation analysis, health surveillance, monitoring and evaluation of disease prevention, and health promotion activities.

- Strengthen the analytical and epidemiological capacity of managers and health decision-makers in PAHO's Secretariat and enhance technical cooperation.

- Strengthen methodological approaches for the monitoring of inequalities and inequities in health and for the impact assessment of population-based interventions.


- Promotion of the use and development of GIS-Epi applications.

- Promotion of a network of Multidisciplinary Collaborating Groups in GIS-Epi in the Americas.

- Provision of direct training and development of training materials for end users .

- Development of a simple software based on the needs of GIS-Epi users.

- Establishment of a clearinghouse of geographic bases of the Western Hemisphere.

- Development of GIS extensions for the Basic Indicators and the Mortality and Population Information Systems

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